Monday, March 1, 2010

For my papa!!!

For my papa,the one who provides me everything,my needs and stuff who sacrifice a lot to work away from us just to give us the best in this world. I'm sorry for disappointing you in your high expectation in me.Papa i know you how hard it is those times i face the crisis in my life for mis behaving beyond your expectations i know in your heart your badly hurt but you never left me.You're still the papa i known the responsible dad and husband.Yes there are times that i misunderstood you but beyond that i do appreciate it.You're the best papa i have and if i was given a chance i'll find papa like you my "papa bebie"they say that you spoil me a lot in financial things but then in return i study harder and earned my degree.As i received my diploma with you feels like im in heaven looking at your face with a big smile and looking at you how proud you are in me.Papa thank you so much,though i may not tell you bluntly and openly how much i love you indeed i mean it ilove you so much you're the best papa and a good provider.No matter what happen i'll never leave you and mama i'll take care of you and mama when u don't know how to stand ill be your helping hand,when u want to walk ill be in your side in their i can just bring back all the hardships you've done for us.I'll be your private nurse as always.Papa i love you so much for without you i am nothing,I can still remember when i was a child you promise me to give me a grand debut,18roses,18candles,cotillions,and a storey of cake with a doll on top wearing a nice gown,i'll be the one to design my own dress,and party that when papa is away though how far it is thousands of miles papa will be home to celebrate with you.Indeed you make it up i can still remember it was December 15,2002 at 6am when u texted and say "i'll be coming home manila time papa".I was yelling with joy and made mama shock with my reaction.That's the time i said papa make it up he never disappointed his promise when im still a kid.The day of my celebration indeed it was like a feast every one is gathered family in the province and in the city,friends was there and my colleagues.And that was the last time i saw grandpa celebrated with us and dance with me in my 18 roses and papa.I'm so touch with his speech when he relay to everybody in the party how he promise me.Papa was the best father but then i disappointed him when i bare pem after my graduation but then he never say a word nor hurt me.All i see papa lying inside their room so quite with no word at all instead took care of me and be there with me during the hardships of my life.He is there when i delivered pem in the hospital and the proud lolo.Till now i can see how he loves princess she's in russia now fighting the cold weather just to give us the best of everything.And yet excited to see her pem how she grows.For my papa i may misunderstand you sometimes but in my heart you're the best papa you never left me hanging.At times you did things that can hurt us but it never compensate how you work hard for us.Now im going to see you again papa this april i'll make it up to you somehow to serve you and mama in my own little way.I'm so proud of you thanks for fulfilling my dreams and giving me a degree.You were always been there at the back of my success.Ilove you papa your simply the best papa.Imissyou.

for nanay nits!!!!!

This one for nanay,this was the first date we had lol,we had dinner and coffee at Starbucks our so called "tambayan".She is the best nanay for dadah and me.I can still reminisce our first encounter with each other it was dadah who plan everything so that me and nanay would meet in person at first i was so awkward and nervous what it feels like to meet hubby's mom.but then when i saw her as i approach her inside the coffee shop and saw her seating in the table having a sweet smile and pleasant face gosh!!!everything's gone.....I told myself and said she's not like others mom whose you'll first encounter would be so strict.Nanay was so different from other in- laws she is so warm. Our first beso2x together hehehehehe.Nanay was so cool and full of story to share.We had our dinner in a chinese cuisine i can still remember nanay looking at my ring and ask me are you sure your not married?I'd paused and smile yes nay...and smile...and she giggled and say coz i saw the ring in your finger i said it's just a decoration and i smile.Nanay make me feel at home she accept me with no hesitations and no descriminations nor judgmental words.She listen everything i said,she's a good listener at the same time a good story teller.All i remember nanay she always remind me to pray always and never give up for whatever would happen in my life.Things has it's own reason and a purpose and never forsake everything had happened.She told me the story bout hubby in their i know what's behind hubby's childhood and past.She's been a good wife and mom to dadah. Nanay was so cool , down to earth and one thing i found out bout here she's a keen observer she'll just observe you the way you talk and the way your gesture is.I can still remember her fave coffee every time we sit and met at starbucks was the "Caffè Latte"that was nanay wants every time we seat there and have talks.Seeing here laugh and smile you won't imagine she had a lot of hardships in life but still i see her a fighter that's how i describe her.But then i never seen her the word giving up she's so strong and brave in facing challenges and trials in life that's nanay.for you nanay i salute you for being a good mentor to jay and a good nanay to him for raising him well and bringing him in this world for without you . I'll never meet a dadah like him so're the best nanay. If i'll rate you it would be perfect an excellent mark . Thank you so much for being my eyes when i see things so dim,my ears when no one listens and courage when i was weak during the time i was there and sighting a good example always and all the advices.Thanks for being a great mom in a short span of time that we bond. I, saw how great person you are. LOve u nanay and god bless im excited again in our next sip of coffee and talks cant wait for that day love u mwahhh!!!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

"my bestfriend my companion"

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

me and my daughter!!!

  • This morning was such an amazing day for me coz my daughter wake me up with a kiss.And had her first word "tah"means let's go down,coz every morning i always brought here outside and let her play with other kids in my grandfather's house.Seeing her sweet smile ease all the burden's and aches in my life.Nothing compares of an angel smile it really melts your heart and ease your burden away.She's the one that keeps me going in life. Though i face some hardship and trials, seeing her smile and embracing her i felt more secured and complete.Life is more complete when i bare her in this world it make sense to pursue life and make it more meaningful .She let me feel that life is wonderful when someone is adding color in it.I never regret the day when i conceive her having a cute,beautiful,intelligent,sweet daughter is enough.She was never been a burden in my life yet she was love by the whole family.And i knew that when she grow up she would ask me a lot of questions but then I'm ready to let her understand and explain her coz i know she would understand .And im certain that it's not hard to explain her all the things she needs to know .Being her mom is what im proud of. That im so lucky i have her in my life.Now it make me realize that when you know how to deal life you would really succeed in every decision your taking in .Now im more inspired to pursue life and take the risk just for her in order to gave her a brighter future.And to make this things possible with the help of our god almighty cause without him im nothing his my refuge and strength.That's why as i face my life im more confident that i could make it to the top that all my dreams and aspirations in life i can make it.Cause i do have a my PRINCESS EIMILIA MALVIE in my life.. i love you so much .

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